Will Lucy Kirkland’s ‘Maryland’ Return With A Sequel? Playwright’s Rep Speaks Out


BBC adaptation Lucy Kirkwood Maryland It touched the hearts of many. Kirkwood wrote the original script in just two hours, describing it as “Howl against the normalization of male violence. The plot centers on two women (both named Mary) who meet each other at a police station after being sexually assaulted. After a tour of London’s Royal Court Theatre, BBC Two has turned the drama into a short film starring zawy ashtonAnd the Hayley SquiresAnd the line of dutyDaniel Mays.

Now that the highly anticipated project has aired, viewers may be interested to know if a sequel is in the works. Well, the Kirkland representative told Bustle so Maryland It is “one time too much”. As it happens, the script actually had an impact on those who dealt with it. Vicki Featherstone, the artistic director at the Royal Court, wrote on the stage’s website: “We’ve all come forward to her [Kirkwood’s] An extraordinary rallying cry capable of giving its voice to our space in search of some kind of understanding, howl, and collective event in light of the horrific acts still being committed against all women and victims of gender-based violence.”

Featherston concluded her statement by saying, “We are very proud of the progress. We’re devastated we still have to. With no signs of declining violence against women, and The ‘total breakdown’ of rape trialsWe are fortunate to have brave and skilled playwrights like Kirkwood who can hold up a mirror to our society and ask, as they say in Maryland, What the hell fresh do you need? Before you were as angry as us? “

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