Will Matt & Whitney Finish ‘MAFS UK’ S7 Together? Couple Rejoins Series After Scandal


Watching The Dating Experience TV Show Married at first sight in the UK in shock when Matt Murray and Whitney Hughes They revealed their feelings for each other, although they exchanged vows elsewhere. Whitney was initially associated with Duca Cavoli, and died with Gemma Rose. But the truth bombs were thrown during a dinner party, where Matt admitted that he and Whitney wanted to “explore things” together. The couple then proceeded to officially separate from their wives during a tense commitment ceremony.

But instead of leaving the series, Matt pleaded with Whitney to stay as their newly created pairing. Dating Expert Panel – Paul C. Bronson, Charlene Douglas, and Mel Schilling – They weren’t very happy about the infidelity, but they eventually ended up holding back and letting the husband stay MAFS United Kingdom.

After checking Matt and Whitney’s “scientific” compatibility, the committee determined that they matched well on paper. “We can see that something is real here, the science backs it up, and we’re ready to let you two go back to the experience as a new couple,” Schilling said. However, they will be allowed to return as a “dating couple” rather than a “couple”. This has happened previously in the Australia-based version mavsMuch to the dismay of viewers.

As Douglas told the couple: “We the love Love, but there is a lot of disagreement about this relationship… We’re just asking you to Respects other spouses, their feelings and emotions. ” While we won’t know for sure how long this pair will last on the show until new episodes air, they’ll likely be met with resentment by at least some of their co-stars. On a recent episode, Zoe Clifton told Matt, “You didn’t respect Duka, you didn’t respect Gemma, and You did not respect this process. “

Matt has since spoken out on his Instagram stories, saying he regrets not having to deal with Gemma before the dinner party. “If I had any regrets from last night’s episode, which I knew was coming, it was The production asked me not to talk to Gemma until the dinner party And stupidly, out of frustration, I listened,” he said, at digital spy.

In the meantime, it appears that the series’ new relationship is still going strong, as Whitney has revealed hints about their dating lives on Instagram. A recent photo of her showed her enjoying drinks with a man, and although only their arms were visible, Matt’s tattoo was recognizable. Whitney’s latest post shows her resting her legs across a man’s lap in the car. Again, only his hand is visible, but fans have concluded that he died from the massive silver ring he often wears. The date these photos were taken is still unknown.

Suffice to say, we’ll be on the edge of our seats for the new episodes, where we’ll inevitably find out what happens to Matt and Whitney, and if they stay together after the cameras stop rolling.

Married to First Sight UK Broadcasts every Monday through Thursday at 9pm on E4.

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