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What uuuuup, you wonderful humans. We’re excited about direct reporting from the TechCrunch Disrupt – without ignoring the rest of the world, natch. It was a very interesting day and we are here to share some great news and tricks with you! – Christine And the pilgrim

Top Tech Crunch 3

  • Step into a digital world: Manual business processes have been the norm, so it’s understandable that walking away from what you know can be difficult. Step into Bumpa, a Nigerian retail automation platform that wants to do the heavy lifting for companies looking to get more digital. Helping her along $4 million in new capital from Base10 Partners, Crown reports.
  • holiday, celebrate: Airbnb’s latest ads show you can have any type of home — epic pools, mountainside sleep, you name it — so it’s no surprise that vacation rental startups are popular. Case in point, Holidu has secured $98 million in new funding to continue growing its holiday rental business in Europe, Natasha L Writes.
  • delivery system: Crown Today he returns with another significant story, this time about MaxAB’s $40 million raise. The Egyptian e-commerce platform helps facilitate the grocery store’s relationship with suppliers. They’ve made 150,000 of these calls since 2018.

Startups and VC

Nourish Ingredients, a food technology company that Produces animal-free fats using synthetic biologyraised $28.6 million in Series A funding, Christine reports. The tour was led by Horizons Ventures and supported by Main Sequence Ventures and Hostplus.

The multi-decade rise in health care costs is not expected to reverse any time soon. In search of a solution, Alaffia Health was founded in 2020. It is one of the startups participating in TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield 200, and it is using machine learning to try to identify Fraud, waste and abuse in healthcare claimsAnd the Kyle reports.

And here’s more from the Greatest Hits album from the past 24 hours:

Startup Battlefield

It’s Day Two of Disrupt and that means Day Two of the Battlefield Contest. Twenty companies They got it all set up, and here’s who took the stage today:

robots ally: The company has developed a range of hardware and software solutions designed to facilitate the deployment of these automated solutions for those without programming/botnet experience.

Nat4bio: Makes a food grade coating to protect fruit from microscopic threat.

Minerva Lithium: Uses a sorbent to change the way lithium is extracted.

sanctification: Developed a way to get more electricity from biogas and current fuel cell technology.

Inkparing: Servers are built using liquid for cooling.

sensory materialIntropic: Helps single-use plastics degrade from the inside out.

best dataBetterData taps into the blockchain to help create better synthetic data.

Laby: You want to make milk healthier and cows happier by using better sensors.

advanced ions: strives to lower the price of green hydrogen by reducing the amount of electricity needed for electrolysis by up to 50%.

Kaihan space: Kayhan Space is making orbit safer with timely automatic collision warnings to satellites.

Visit tomorrow to watch the finalists perform once again in front of a panel of judges to see who brings home for this year’s Disrupt Cup and their $100,000 cash prize.

Drop news from Disrupt

The Great Migration and the next ten-year cycle in the cloud

Image credits: Tim Roberts (Opens in a new window) / Getty Images

Now that the public cloud market has undergone a correction after years of growth, will seasoned workers look for greener pastures in smaller companies?

According to Andy Stinnes, general partner at Cloud Apps Capital Partners, we are entering a decade-long cycle that will lead to a massive talent drain.

“The answer is obvious once you think about it,” he says. “Companies are expanding their liquidity runways, and cloud leaders are feeling this pain as they are laying off parts of their teams and facing more work and pressure.”

More for you:

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Big Tech Inc.

Similar to our site story from yesterdayAnd the Kyle He brings us another one on how to do it Adobe continues to unveil new features Powered by artificial intelligence, including the ability to paste objects into photos and add realistic lighting and shadows. He mentions that it’s “not a Photoshop wizard” but Adobe told him “compositing can be a manual, tedious and time-consuming process”, and the new prototype will do away with that.

And another five for you:

  • Leading to Possession: Mullen Automotive acquires ELMS For $240 million in a deal that helped the bankrupt company, but also Mullen was able to build up to 50,000 electric cars each year, Jacqueline reports.
  • take tik tok: Pinterest is experimenting with TikTokof all social media platforms, by partnering with record companies so that users can add popular music to their Idea Pins. Sarah He has more.
  • Move over drivers, robots coming through: Indicating that Alphabet is ready to operate in peak times, Waymo tells us it plans to launch a robotaxi service In Los Angeles once some regulatory hurdles are removed, Kirsten Writes.
  • Home is the place of insurance: amazon Get into the home insurance market game In the UK by launching an insurance comparison website, Evan reports.
  • Klarna, Klarna, Klarna, Klarna, Klarna chameleon: It’s been a while since we’ve been able to use that, and it still doesn’t disappoint. The buy now and pay later platform has now New app builder For retailers and influencers to collaborate on features and shoppable video, Lauren Writes.

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