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YouTube is making a change that affects how videos appear on its platform. company today announce A redesign now splits video content into three different tabs on all channel pages – one for traditional long YouTube content, another for YouTube short content only, and a third for live videos, including past, current and upcoming live streams.

The changes will allow users to more easily access the types of YouTube videos they want to watch – a move YouTube says it has made based on user feedback. in Advertisingthe company said it heard from viewers that they wanted to be able to navigate to the types of content they were most interested in when exploring a creator’s channel page, which led to the change.

The update also means that shorts and live content will no longer be found in the main videos tab of the channel page – something that may appeal to old YouTube viewers who haven’t appreciated the infiltration of YouTube short content into their favorite video feed in recent months.

However, for those who an act Like watching short films, the new design gives YouTube a way to direct them to more short videos. Now, when users watch short videos in the shorts feed in the main YouTube app and then go to the creator’s channel, they will be sent directly to the new shorts tab to see more shorts content. This may help YouTube increase its views on short films as these users will not be immediately lost to the creator’s long content, as before.

Initial comments from users on Twitter who responded to a YouTube post about the changes were positive, with users expressing appreciation for giving each type of content its own separate category.

The redesign comes after another major YouTube update this month which, finally, introduced YouTube handles the @username format. These usernames will now allow creators to learn about their channel and interact with their viewers across YouTube shorts, channel pages, video descriptions, comments, and more.

YouTube says the classified redesign will start today and will be available to all users across all devices in the coming weeks.

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