YouTube to remove videos with instructions for unsafe abortions


YouTube said Thursday it will require a tougher stance on abortion-related misinformation, as the video app and other social media platforms have become a battleground for discussions about abortion access.

The Google-owned platform said it will begin removing videos and other content with instructions about unsafe abortion methods or false claims about the safety of abortion.

YouTube hasn’t indicated what specific claims about abortion it will remove, but the company is linked to it General policy on misinformation. This policy prohibits information “that could cause harm in the real world, such as the promotion of harmful treatments or treatments.”

Since last month’s Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, medical experts to caution vs spread Misinformation about abortion Like the so-called herbal abortion options.

YouTube said in a Tweet thread.

“We prioritize connecting people to content from trusted sources on health topics, and we constantly review our policies and products as real-world events evolve,” the company said.

YouTube also said it would put a box with relevant information from health authorities next to abortion-related videos and certain search results.

YouTube’s crackdown reflects the approach taken by the company and its competitors early in the coronavirus pandemic, when they said they would remove Medical misinformation related to Covid-19 Even if some users agree to the false claims.

Meta, a social media competitor, owns Instagram and Facebook Face criticism separately To withdraw information regarding abortion pills, citing a policy against buying and selling drugs.

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