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Taylor Swift’s tenth album “Midnights” will drop on Friday (October 21) and more details have been revealed, including the full songwriter’s roster. There are some surprises like “Batman” actress Zoe Kravitz. You have to hear the full story.

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Taylor Swift.’s 10th studio album “midnight” It will be released on Friday, October 21, and the full written credits have been revealed. There are a few surprises, including the ‘Batman’ actress and singer Zoe Kravitzamong other things.

Swift, known for leaving Easter eggs for her fans to reveal, was revealing the song titles in a series of videos called “Midnights Mayhem with Me.” The full track list was revealed by October 7th, including her first-ever collaboration with Lana Del Rey Entitled “Snow on the Beach”.

The singer will also release the music video for “Against the hero,” which is going to be one drive, Friday. Swift described the album asThe stories of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout my life. Here, check out who helped her create her latest album.

Written credits revealed midnight

On Tuesday, iTunes revealed the writing credits for each of the 13 tracks at midnight. Of course, Swift herself was involved in the process of creating all the songs, something that became her trademark.

Besides Swift, Jack Antonoff has written credits in 11 tracks to midnight, is also produced. The only songs he has no credit are “Vigilante Sh*t” and “nothing is beautiful”. Meanwhile, Mark Spears and Jahaan Akil Sweet each have two song credits (Lavender Haze and Karma), while Lana del Rey (“Snow on the Beach”) and Zoë Kravitz (“Lavender Haze”) also have one. .

Kravitz, who has appeared in several bands and composed since she was 16, is the most surprising collaborator, but this isn’t the first time she’s been linked with Swift. The “red” singer praised her role as Catwoman “Batman” With an IG story.

Another surprise is William Boveri, aka, Joe Alwyn, Who is Taylor Swift’s boyfriend of six years? Alwyn has collaborated with Swift before, under the same pseudonym, for “Folklore” (2020) and “Forever” (2020). It will be their sixth collaboration together. They wrote “Nothing Pretty”.

Midnight: Official Song List

01 Lavender Haze
02 chestnut
03 anti hero
04 Snow on the beach [ft. Lana Del Rey]
05 You’re on your own boy
06 midnight rain
07 Question…?
08 Vigilante Sh*t
09 bejeweled
10 labyrinth
11 Karma
12 Nothing is sweet
13 Mastermind

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